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The New York Allergy & Asthma Society was the first regional allergy society in the United States and was formed in 1937. It sponsors accredited educational programs on a regular basis, both as evening Scientific meetings and as a one day Teaching Day conference in the Fall. With about 200 members, the society meetings provide a forum for both professional and social exchange for allergists and allergy interested professionals.

Meetings have focused on a broad range of allergy topics including asthma, drug allergy, environmental factors, allergy epidemiology, food allergy, immunodeficiency, and skin allergies. The society also encourages allergy trainees to participate in our events. Another mission/aim of our society is to work with other regional allergy societies to promote the field of allergy/immunology on a regional and national level.

"The purpose of the society shall be the advancement of the knowledge and practice of Allergy and Immunology"

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